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Boarding & Doggy Day Care for All pets

Going on holiday soon?  

Central Vets & Pets - Centrally Located - Quick & Easy drop off and pick up. 


Ideal for Holidays and Doggy Day Care.


Daily Charges include;

Dogs                  $20 

Cats                   $12 

Rabbits              $5

Guinea Pigs       $5

Mice /  Rats        $5

Birds                  $5 

Fish                    $3

Reptiles              $3


Boarding Facility for ALL Pets

Central Vets & Pets has now opened a brand new boarding facility for all types of animals from small furries, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats through to cats and dogs.  We will even look after your bird, fish or reptile when you are off on holiday.

We have a dedicated full time veterinary nurse caring for all the animals in the kennels and dogs are walked throughout the day making their stay a happy and friendly one.  With full time veterinary surgeons on site as well, all animals receive a full WOF and health check prior to entry for FREE making sure they begin their stay with us as best they can.

Caged bird, goldfish in tanks, guniea pigs and rabbits, pet rats and mice are no problem.  Our facility and trained staff can look after all of these animals and continue with your feeding programmes when you are on holiday.

Special Needs Pets

Does your pet require medication?  If so then our veterinary trained team can assist with this while you are on holiday.


Doggy Day Care & Drop and Shop:

Does you pet need daily company?

Do you ever have your pet in the car and need to go shopping?


Well, let us look after your pet throughout the day, take them for walks, play with them and keep them entertained.

Centrally located for easy drop off and pick up.

Daily Prices include;

Dogs           $20

Cats            $12


Hourly Price:       $3 / Hour


Pet Vaccine Passports

All pets when vaccinated should receive a passport with their name, their identification, such as a microchip number (if they have one), colour, breed, owners details attached.  This Pet Passport allows the boarding facility to quickly see whether or not your animal is protected prior to entry.   Before considering whether to board your pet please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months. If your pet is due for a booster vaccination make sure this is done at least 2 weeks prior to the planned start of boarding. 

It is especially important that your dog also has an additional vaccination called Kennel Cough vaccine prior to going to any kennel.  This disease is present in the environment and all dogs should be vaccinated for it as a precaution.  However, when mixing with new dogs in a boarding situation it is especially important that this additional vaccine be done at least 2 weeks prior.  This vaccine only lasts for 6 months so requires a booster at least annually so make sure your dog's Pet Passport is up to date before heading off on your holiday.

Dog / Cat Vaccine $45

Kennel Cough $40

Fleas and worms

Pets should also be wormed and treated for fleas prior to entry into our boarding facility.  As we are a vet clinic we can help you sort all of this out with individual worming and flea programmes available that actually work and that are very reasonably priced.  (*prices depend on species and size)

flea treatment from  $10*

Worming from $5*


Holidays Made Easy

At Central Vets & Pets we can help you sort all your pet needs prior to the holidays so that it is an easy process both going away and also when you come home to drop off and collect your pet